Donate Your Hair
To Make A Wig For Cancer.

This page is for those who want to make a general donation, not for an order.

Make A General Donation of Hair To Women And Girls For Chemotherapy.

Thank-you for coming to our site. Chemo Diva is a very small company. We are not a large charity. What we do is unique. We make halo wigs from a patients OWN hair! Halo wigs are worn under hats, caps, and scarves. It’s more comfortable than a full wig. And of course, wearing your own hair means more to a women or child than you can imagine.

We need your hair. When a women sends in her hair, it is often too thin to make a proper wig. It’s important that we don’t let her down. We can add purchased hair, but the quality is not the same as what comes off your head.  We want to supplement with your hair. 

When we send out the wig, we will add a card to tell her who donated. It will be up to her if she wants to contact you. Either way, she will feel the love. 

Wrap up your ponies and mail them in. Add a piece of paper inside that says ” donation”.

If you want to be contacted, add your name, phone number and email address. 

Send Your Hair To: 

Chemo Diva
2421 S. Carolina Ave.
Tampa, FL 33629

Colored Hair? No Problem.

If your hair is in good shape, then we can use it. Grey hair is also very welcomed. The only stickler here is the length. Your ponies have to be at least 10″ long. The longer the better. 

Ponies must to be at least 10″ long. 

How To Cut.

Wash and dry your hair first. We only want clean hair. Section your hair into 3 to 4 ponies. That way, you’ll get an even cut. One pony creates a lot of cascading pieces, so cutting in smaller ponies is ideal.  If you have already cut your hair in one pony, that’s okay. We’ll sort through it. 

Put your rubber bands, just above the spot where you want to cut. Make sure your hair is in ponytails before you cut it. Cut the ponies off, leaving the rubber bands in.  

Please use tight rubber bands to secure the hair. 

How To Cut Your Hair To Donate
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