About The Halo
halo wig side view
Halo wig shown without the hats.

The Halo Wig is Comfortable.

There are no heavy or stiff foundation materials used in Chemo Diva Wigs. Instead, your hair is attached to the outside of a fabric skull-cap. The fabric is lightweight and stretchy. It has a soft, micro-fiber feel. It is also a wickaway, which means that sweat and moisture are wicked away from the scalp.

Blondes come in a beige fabric, while brunettes come in black.

The Halo Wig Stays On Without The Squeeze.

The inside edge of the cap has a flat, polyurethane elastic. The elastic has a slight tacky feel. The elastic does not have to be tight to stay on nicely.

Custom Sizing Makes The Perfect Fit.

Although the halo fabric is extra stretchy, we customize the fit. When you fill out the order form, you’ll see a place to give us your head measurement. Don’t worry too much about accuracy, just do the best you can.