Chemo Hair Loss?

First You Cry...

Then You Cut!

Chemo Hair Loss Sucks

Get A Chemo Diva Halo Wig Made With Your OWN hair!

Wear Your Hair With ANY Hat, Cap, Scarf, or Beanie.

The halo wig is not attached to just one hat. It can be worn with ANY hat, ANY Scarf, etc.

Chemo Hair Loss Is Messy, But We Can Help.

When your hair starts to detach, you’ll find hair on your pillow, or tangled in the drain. It’s tempting to say, it’s just hair, but it’s not. Hair is important. It’s our identity, our femininity. 

Cut It To Wear It!

Instead of letting your hair just fall out, put your hair into ponies and cut your hair off. Send your ponies to us at Chemo Diva and get your halo wig. It’s a great way to keep a part of yourself to wear during chemo. One of our customers wrote “It was like a security blanket of strength to help get me through a rough time.”

Why We Make Only Halo Wigs.

We make halo wigs because full wigs are hard to wear. They can be hot, and cumbersome. That’s why you see many women wearing just a hat or scarf. (If you wear just a hat though, you look like a cancer patient.)

You might still want a full wig as your dress up hair. But a Chemo Diva halo wig is much more comfortable. It’s more like your sneaker hair! You’ll be able to run errands, pick up the kids, or go to the grocery.  Best of all when you look in the mirror you see YOU. That’s what Chemo Diva Halo Wigs are all about.

Look and feel better in your hair!

You look better with hair
Only $429.

Your halo wig will be your everyday go to wig. Plus, it’s much more affordable than getting a full wig made with your hair.

Get It Back Fast!

Your halo wig is made here in the US in Tampa, Florida. A regular turnaround is 7-10 days, while a RUSH order can be done in 2-3 days. (You will find that option on the order form.)

Only 1 Donation.

Your halo wig can be made with only one head of hair. It can It can be just your hair or from someone else. It can also be combined with anyone else who wants to contribute.

4 Easy Steps To Get Your Halo:

#1 Cut Your Hair

Instead of cutting your hair in one big pony, You’ll separate your hair into many smaller ponies all around your head.

#2 Measure Your Head.

Your Halo Wig is stretchy, but a head measurement will ensure a perfect fit.

#3 Fill Out The Order Form

Before you send in your hair, fill out the order form. Then we’ll know to watch for your hair.

#4 Send Us Your Ponies.

Send your hair to us by US mail or any carrier you prefer.

The Happy Chemo Diva Show.