Woman wearing a hat with hair.

Use Your Hair To Bring Comfort,
and Look Beautiful During Chemo.

Get Your Hair Made Into A Halo Wig! 

A halo wig is a partial wig that you wear under your own hats, caps or scarves. Get it made with YOUR OWN Hair.

We make halo wigs instead of full wigs, so that you can be comfortable during chemo.  Full wigs are known to be difficult and cumbersome to wear. (That’s why you often see chemo-sisters wearing just a hat or turban.)

If you wear just a hat though, you look like a cancer patient.  Add your own hair to your hats or scarves, and now you’re a Diva!  Having your own hair is empowering and comforting to the soul.

  • Only $389
  • 2-10 Days To Make. (Made in Tampa, FL)
  • Only One Donation Needed.


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Chemo Diva Show
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4 Easy Steps To Get Your Halo.

#1. Cut Your Hair In Small Ponies

See video, or written instructions here.

#2. Measure Your Head See How.
How to measure your head for a custom halo wig.
#3. Fill Out The Order Form

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#4. Send Us Your Ponies More Info.

When we receive your hair, we’ll let you know that we have it.  We’ll make your halo in 3 days if it’s a RUSH order, or about 10 days for a regular turnaround time.  You’ll be so happy to get your hair back! Give Us a Call Now 813-300-8638.

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