Ponies that you provide for your Diva Halo Wig should be at least 7″ long.

That will give you chin length hair. Shorter pieces can be used for bangs if you are ordering with bangs. The best way to get as much length as possible for your finished Diva Halo, is to cut your ponies off close to the scalp. Sometimes some of our Chemo Divas will want to cut their ponies off only to a bob instead of to the scalp. If you have very long hair this can work out.  However, we encourage you to cut to the scalp. We know this is hard, but we some of our divas were later disappointed that they left so much of their hair on their scalps. The finished halo was not as long as what they really wanted. In addition, the hair they left on their head, fell out a week later.

We can sometimes use less than 7″ by putting your hair on a “drop cap”.

The drop cap is a little different than the cap we usually use.  The cap we usually use, starts the hair up high enough so that the halo can be worn with a ball-cap with a back hole. The drop cap starts the hair a little lower to give you more length. The only drawback is that you probably won’t be able to wear your halo with a ball cap with a back hole. The hair won’t clear the top of the hole. You can still wear your halo with any other type of hat or scarf. There are some ball caps that do not have a back hole, if you google  search “ladies military cap” you will find styles like the ones shown below. Many of these styles do not have a hole in the back. They have a casual cap look, but they are cuter than a ball cap anyway!

Military style hats with no back hole