Many of our Chemo Divas use regular mail to send in their hair. You can also use UPS,  DHL, etc. We do not recommend FedX.  Use an envelope or box to ship. If shipping in a box, choose a smaller box. The dimensions of your box should not exceed 11″ x 7″ x 9″. That’s because your parcel will be delivered to a locked drop box. It is okay to use envelopes, such as a UPS letter or Us Mail flat rate envelope.

Our Shipping address is:

Chemo Diva
108 W. Adalee Street
Tampa, FL 33603

Please waive any signature requirement. Please do not add any signature requirement.

Your order is delivered to a locked drop box.  We check the box everyday, but we’re not there all the time to sign for anything.  In the event that we need to travel to pick up your order, a $55 travel fee will apply.

Make sure we don't have to sign for your hair.

Tracking helps to ensure that your hair arrives safely.

UPS, Priority Mail, and Express Mail all have tracking.

When your hair arrives, we will call you to let you know that it has arrived safely. If your order is international, we might email you instead of calling. The difference in time zones, often make calling inconvenient for everyone. 

When your Halo is complete, we will send your hair back by UPS (United Parcel Service). If we are shipping your Diva Halo outside of the US, we will use International Postal Mail.
More about International orders.

If you submitted your order form by email, and you don’t have a printer,
write your name and phone number on apiece of paper and include it with your hair.

Ms. C. Diva 515-555-5555