In a nutshell, this is how the ordering procedure works.

1. Fill out the order form first.
We’ll get your order electronically, and we know to watch for your hair.

Payment: At the end of the order form, you can choose how to pay. You can pay immediately on-line, you can send a check with your hair, or request an invoice to be sent to you AFTER your hair arrives. Be sure to pay your invoice to start production.  We start check paid orders right away, no delay. Submit Order.

2. Cut your hair according to the instructions.
You can do this at home, with friends, or in a salon. How To Cut

3. Ship Us your hair with your order #  How To Send Your Hair

4. We send you an email to let you know that we received it.

5. If you requested an invoice…
we will send it to your email just after your hair arrives.
Please pay the invoice to start production.

6. Production time to make your wig: Give us 2-3 days for a RUSH order and a week to 10 days for a regular order.

7. When your halo is ready, we will send another email to tell you that it has been completed. Yay!

8. Send us a picture when you get it back! Or, post on our Facebook page. Thanks!

Answers to common questions: Facts and Questions