Woman cutting off her hair.

Wash & Dry Your Hair.

Please send clean hair, Chemo Divas! In the event that it is not, just check mark “Please clean my hair” on the order form +$45.

Make Pinky-Size Ponies.

Instead of making one big pony, make many small ponies all around your head. Section the hair off to make the ponies about pinky-thick. The sections don’t have to be all that precise. You’ll see, it’s easy to do and it works out well. Many of our Divas do this at home, but of course you can always go to a salon.

The minimum length of your ponies must be at least 8″ long to make a halo wig. (8″ will give you a chin length bob.)

Use Small Rubberbands.

Get those little “rubber” rubberbands. Big rubberbands are too hard to wind up tight, and the covered fashion kind don’t hold very well. Also beware of the silicone binders. They tend to break and they don’t hold well. The silicone ones are transparent, while the rubber ones are opaque. You can get little rubber rubberbands at places like Walmart, Target, or amazon.com
silicone bands.

OFF With Your Ponies!

Take a pair of scissors and chop off those ponies, Chemo Divas! Cut close to the scalp, leaving the rubber bands in. The closer you cut to the scalp the longer the hair you get back. (If you try to leave some hair on your head, you might be disappointed later that the halo wig is not as long as you expected.)

Some of our Divas have hair cutting parties with good freinds or family to make this part a little easier.