Is there a minimum length?

Your ponies should be at least 7″ in length. Shorter pieces can be used for bangs.

What if I don’t have enough hair?

We will add in hair, at no extra charge. In some cases, it is necessary that we do so, in order to make a nice full hairpiece. We will match the hair, and place it in the back and underneath.

Can more than one person donate?

Yes! Very often friends and family want to help by donating their hair too. It can be very helpful to have more than one donation to make a full hairpiece. There is no limit on how many people can help–we’ve blended in as many as 10 donations into a spectacular halo wig! We can’t always use all of the hair, but we can choose the best of it so that everyone has some of their hair represented in the finished wig.

How long can I wait before I have to cut my hair?

We understand that you will probably want to wait as long as possible before cutting. In most cases, it is okay to wait until after the first treatment. However, if you wait too long, the hair will start to detach and hang away from your scalp. This will make it almost impossible to catch properly in the rubber bands. The safest route for a Chemo Diva is to cut before chemo treatment begins. Read our blog post for a detailed discussion on this topic: When do I have to cut my hair.

What if my hair is colored or treated?

We have no requirements for “virgin” hair. As long as you like your hair, we like it too!

Can you change the color of my hair?

We do not color treat the hair you send. We can however, add in extra hair in special colors in order to tweak the color of the hair you sent. For Example, we can add blonde highlights. Or, add a darker color to deepen the overall shade. If you want your finished Diva Halo in a color that is different then what you have, go to a stylist first to color your hair, then cut off your ponies.

What if a friend wants to donate, but the hair is not the right color?

She should have her hair colored first by a stylist, then cut her hair to donate. If you are using your hair as well as hair from another donor, and the color is compatible, we can blend them.

I normally color my hair. Should I touch it up before cutting?

If you want to refresh the color, go ahead and do so before cutting. If you are concerned about new growth at the root, and it is less than 2″, you do NOT need to recolor before cutting. You will not see it in the finished hairpiece. In addition, you can always color your finished Diva Halo-Wig when you get it back.