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Self portrait of woman cutting her hair and wearing a halo wig.
Girl with cute hat and puppy
A young diva models her halo wig.
Cowboy Girl wearing a wig made out of her own hair.
Halo wig worn with a scarf.
customer photo
Looking like a Diva!
Chemo Diva Halo w/ Scarf
Taking charge of chemo
Happy Chemo Diva wearing her own hair halo wig.
Linda loves her halo wig made with her own hair.
A chemo diva with her halo wig.
Chemotherapy wig
Chemotherapy wig
A chemo Diva Halo wig
Wig made with my hair
Wig made with my own hair
If you don't want to cut to the scalp, just position the rubber bands lower than cut.
mom and daughters hair combined in a halo wig for chemotherapy
Chemo Diva testimonial
Chemo Diva wig customer photo
wig made of patient's own hair
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