bald woman holding hats with hair.

Wear Your Hair Under Any Hat, Cap, Or Scarf.

The Chemo Diva Halo wig is not attached to just one hat. It’s a separate hairpiece that you put on your head first. Then you put any hat or scarf over it.

Your hair is attached to the outside of a soft fabric skull-cap. The fabric is lightweight and stretchy. It has a soft, micro-fiber feel. The fabric is also a wickaway, which means that sweat and moisture is wicked away from the scalp.

Blondes come in a beige fabric, while brunettes come in black.
(the old style was pink)

Halo wig shown without the hats.

halo wig side view

The Diva Halo Stays On Without the Squeeze!

The inside edge of the cap has a flat, polyurethane elastic. The elastic has a slight tacky feel. The elastic does not have to be tight to stay on nicely. When you fill out the order form, you’ll see a place to give us your head measurement. We make your Diva Halo to an exact fit.  How To Measure Your Head


Bangs or No Bangs?

Halo shown with and without bangs.

If you normally wear your hair without bangs, you won’t need them on your halo.

The halo shown on the left does not have bangs. Halos made without bangs have plenty of hair from temple to temple, well in front of the ears. Any hat or scarf will cover the front of the halo cap.

If you do wear bangs, you can order bangs on your halo.

The halo shown on the right has bangs. We’ll use your shorter pieces for the bangs, but we’ll leave them as long as we can, so you can cut them how you like after you receive your halo wig.


Washing and styling your halo is easy.

There is nothing special about washing, or styling your wig. Whatever you did to your hair before, you can do now. There are just a few differences:

You’ll be washing it in a sink. Dip the hair and fabric into a sink of cool water with a dash of a your favorite shampoo. Swish gently for just a few seconds– no soaking. Rinse in cool running water. You probably won’t need to wash it as often. Just wash it when you feel that it needs refreshing.

To condition, add some conditioner to a sink of cool water and dip the hair portion into the solution. Don’t worry about conditioner getting on the fabric. It won’t hurt anything. You can also use a spray-in conditioner.

Squeeze out the excess, but don’t twist.  Just be gentle.  Style your hair just as you did before. It’s okay to use a blow-dryer, curling iron, etc.