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We are on Eastern Standard Time (EST).
Chemo Diva
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Holiday Production Turnaround

We will have delays in production for approx. 2 weeks beginning December 10. Normal production will resume after the new year. Please note, this is the only time of year that our team is able to take vacation and family time throughout the year. We know how important your hair is to you. Please bear with us and we’ll be back up to speed after the new year.

Orders received on or before December 9, can be shipped before Christmas

Hair received on or before December 9, can be finished and shipped before Christmas. But December 9th is the cut-off due to our current volume of orders just before the holidays.

We are still “open”. Christine will be here to answer calls, and receive and process orders.

Christine will be here throughout the holidays. There is no need to worry about your hair sitting here someplace unsafe.  Your hair will still be delivered to our locked and secured drop box at our place of business and checked daily. Your order will be placed in que, in the order it was received. We will still call you when your hair arrives.

Have a safe and happy holiday. Breathe Deep. Everything will be okay! -Christine