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Chemo Diva
108 West Adalee Street
Tampa, FL 33603

About Us 

Christine HeinenHi, I’m Christine Heinen, creator of Chemo Diva. Your “Chemo Diva” halo wig is made by my talented staff in sunny Tampa, FL.  My background is in product and clothing design.  


My First 5 Year-Old Chemo Diva!

In 1998, I was making Hip Hats With Hair for children with cancer, when a social Worker from St. Jude’s called and asked. ” I have a 5 year old who wants a Hip Hat made with her OWN hair. Can you do it?” “Of course.” I said, even though I had never thought of that before. It was a great idea, and I was determined to make this wish come true. Within a couple of days, her hair arrived. I unwrapped the precious hair from a wad of  Christmas paper. “Oh No!” I gasped. The hair was a matted pile of loose blonde locks! I didn’t think to tell the social worker, that the hair ought to be cut in ponies, and not scooped up off the floor. What a mess. But there was no way I was going to let this little girl down. She was my first little “Chemo Diva.”

Over the next several days, I hand picked and sorted through each individual strand of hair. I had to make sure that the root end was all in the same direction. I knew that if they were not, the hairpiece would tangle. Hair has scales, like a fish. If some of the scales are up and some of the scales are down, the hair will catch on itself. Four days later, it was done; each hair in perfect alignment. The finished hairpiece was beautiful.

I’ve learned a lot since those days. We have perfected our craft! We are ready to serve all the Chemo Divas who want to wear their own hair.