Woman wearing a hat with hair.

If You Just Googled “Wigs For Cancer Patients,” You’ll Find Thousands of Pre-Made Wigs On Line.

You might find one that works. But chances are, the wigs look “wiggy,” and they don’t look like you! Plus, they are notoriously uncomfortable. That’s why you often see cancer patients wearing just a hat or turban.
But if you wear just a hat, you still look bare… like a cancer patient. The solution? Add your own hair to your hats. and now you’re a diva!

Get Your Hair Made Into a Chemo Diva Halo Wig.

A halo wig is hair that you wear under your own hats, caps or scarves. It’s super comfortable and you look like you. It’s fast and affordable. Having your OWN hair is a BIG deal.  Read and See what your chemo sisters have to say about that!

  • Only $389
  • 2-10 Days To Make. (Made in Tampa, FL)
  • Only One Donation Needed.


Call: 813-300-8638


4 Easy Steps To Get Your Halo.

#1. Cut Your Hair In Small Ponies

See the video

See written instructions.

#2. Measure Your Head See How.
How to measure your head for a custom halo wig.
#3. Fill Out The Order Form

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#4. Send Us Your Ponies More Info.