Answers (F&Q)

A regular turnaround is about 10-14 business days. A RUSH order takes about 4-5 business days to make. If you want a RUSH order, just add it to your order when you submit your order form. Please note that we work hard to get Rush orders out the door ASAP. We give them priority. However, given that making a handcrafted wig takes time and talent, it sometimes-not always- but sometimes, takes us a wee bit longer. 

Your ponies should be at least 8″ in length.  This will give you a chin length bob. If you want your finished halo wig to fall just past your shoulders, you will need 12″

We can make your halo wig with just one head of hair. However, we often need to add hair to make the finished halo a little fuller. The added hair is 100% human hair. Some of our customers do not want other hair in their wig: just let us know on the order form. It is also helpful to donate more than one head of hair. Friends and family can also donate their hair too. We can blend in two or many donations into one halo. We have created halo wigs with as many as 10 friends and family in one!

You will need to cut your hair before it starts to fall out. Many of our customers wait until after the first treatment, but before the second. In most cases this is fine. If your treatment is particularly aggressive, you should cut before you start chemo.

If you wait too long, your hair starts to detach. The root end of your hair will hang away from your scalp. This will make it very difficult to catch the hair properly in the rubber bands. Even if you are able to make your ponies, there will be some matting of your hair when it gets here. 

Chemo does not damage your hair shaft. Chemo affects the root only, which is why it falls out. Your root has a blood supply but your hair shaft does not. Chemo travels by blood, so it can’t go down your hair shaft. If it seems like your hair is getting frizzy, it may be because it is starting to fall out. This causes your hair to get matted.

We have no requirements about colored or treated hair. As long as you like your hair, we like it too!

She should have her hair colored first by a stylist, then cut her hair to donate.  We can blend any colors together. The finished wig look is up to you. You can call with questions and/or leave us some instructions in the comments area on the order form.

Chemo Diva only exists to make you happy! If there is anything about your wig that is not working for you, we can remake your wig at no charge. If you would rather just return the wig, we can do that too.

Returns / Cancellations:
Returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt. We will issue a refund less 15%. Shipping fees and Rush Order fees are non-refundable.

Most insurance companies cover our wig. Call your insurance company for details. We do not handle claims directly. You’ll submit your receipt for reimbursement. Your receipt will have the following information that your insurance company needs.

HCPCS Code A9282
Tax ID: 59-3613743

Some insurance carriers will also ask for a diagnosis code, or a procedure code. This is provided by the doctor prescribing your procedure.

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