After clicking "submit" you will get an email confirmation. Print that off and send in with your hair. No Printer? Just write your name and phone on a piece of paper and send with your hair.
It is not necessary to send a photo of your hairstyle. But if you would like to do so, it can be helpful. Plus, we love to "meet" our Chemo Divas! Upload your file below.
Price: $ 389.00
Bangs are not necessary for the halo. If you normally do not wear bangs, you won't need them. But if you like bangs, check Add Bangs.
See " Measure Your Head" in the top menu of the website. Take a flexible tape measure around the fullest part of your head, above the brow, like an Indian headband.
We can still use your hair to make your halo if it was cut in one big pony, or cut thicker than pinky size. It just takes more time. Please add service.
Heavy product or oils in hair may prevent our adhesives from performing properly. If your hair needs cleaning, add services.

Send your hair to: Chemo Diva 108 W. Adalee Street Tampa, FL 33603. Do NOT add any signature requirement.

Please waive any signature requirement when sending your order. Your order is delivered to a locked drop box. In the event we have to travel to pick up your order a $45 travel fee applies. Use TRACKING, if you would like to add more security to your package.
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