Wig Made With My Own Hair? Yes!

Use your Own hair and/or hair from friends or family to make a Chemo Diva Halo wig! Wear your own hair with any hat, cap or scarf.

  • Only $299.
  • Fast Turnaround.
  • Made in Tampa, Florida.
  • Look Like You.

If chemotherapy will take your hair, you may as well save it and put it to use! Cut your hair before chemotherapy. Send in your hair along with the order form. We’ll make your wig with your hair and ship it back to you! You can combine your hair with hair from friends and family too. It’s that simple.

Why You Will Become a “Hat Person”.

When you lose your hair, you”ll probably want a full wig and a bunch of hats. Why the hats? Because a full wig is hard to wear all the time. They ‘re notoriously hot and itchy. Think of a full wig as your dress up hair–like a pair of high- heels. But just like a pair of heels, you’ll want to kick that wig off! That’s where the hats come in.

A hat with no hair still makes you look like a cancer patient!  The solution is to add your OWN hair to the look. Now you’re a Diva!

The Diva Halo Wig is “Chemo-Comfy”

The Chemo Diva Halo wig is not made with any straps or scratchy foundation materials. Instead, the hair is attached to the outside of a little skull-cap. The fabric is lightweight and stretchy. It has a soft, cotton feel. The fabric is also a wickaway, which means that sweat and moisture is wicked away from the scalp.
Halo wig made with a patients own hair.

The Diva Halo Stays On Without the Squeeze!

The inside edge of the cap has a flat, polyurethane elastic. The elastic has a slight tacky feel. The elastic does not have to be tight to stay on nicely. When you fill out the order form, you’ll see a place to give us your head measurement. We make your Diva Halo to an exact fit.  How To Measure Your Head