Woman wearing a hat with hair.

Get a Halo Wig Made Out of Your Own Hair!

If you are going to lose your hair to chemo, become a Chemo Diva! Cut your hair before chemotherapy takes it. Send it in to get a halo wig made with your own hair. Wear your hair under any hat, cap or scarf. Questions? Call 1-813-300-8638.

  • Only $389
  • 2-10 Day Turnaround
  • Made in Tampa, FL USA

Why You’ll Want A Halo Wig Made With Your Hair:

A full wig is often hot and scratchy. That’s why you see chemotherapy patients wearing hats and scarves. But, if you wear just a hat… you look like a patient. Add you own hair to your hats and now you’re a diva!  And of course, the Chemo Diva halo wig is super comfortable!

Halo shown without the hat. pair of scissors

Use your own hair and/or hair from friends or family to make a halo wig out of your own hair.

About The Halo Wig

Wash and dry your hair. Make pinky-sized ponies instead of one big pony.

How To Cut

Sharon bravely cuts her hair to get a halo wig made with her own hair.

Watch The Video

Submit your order on-line now. (Pay later, AFTER your hair arrives.)

 Yes, just three days door to door. I LOVE it.

My own hair halo wig made a huge difference in my breast cancer journey. By week three of chemo my hair started falling out. (Anyone who says it’s just hair and no big deal has most likely not gone through this. It is a huge deal for a woman). I seized the moment and took control. Cut my hair off in ponies and sent it to the Angels on earth at Chemo Diva. I sent it overnight on a Monday. Sara called me Tuesday morning to reassure me that she received my package. I paid the $50 rush service. Sara made the wig on the same day she received it. She sent it back to me on Wednesday and I received my beautiful wig on Thursday at 10 a.m. Yes just three days door to door. I LOVE it. It is so much more comfortable than the very expensive wig I had already purchased. It’s me. I look like me!!! Besides being comfortable, it is comforting to wear my own hair. I have told the professionals at Sloan Kettering cancer center along with so many others. They are spreading the word. Chemo Diva is truly a savior to us ladies. Feel free to pm me with any questions. Thanks!

Thank-you for the gift of feeling like myself.

I feel like I have a security blanket of strength wearing my own hair. My family and friends donated to combine it with my hair. You all did a marvelous job combining it all into the most beautiful high and low lights. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of feeling like myself again.

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